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Once upon a time, before liquid soaps, shower gels and body scrubs, there was soap. Everybody used it to get clean and smell nice. From the medicinal aromas of Wright’s Coal Tar to the luxury bubbles generated by creamy Camay, there truly was a bar to suit every bath-time. In the move towards more natural ingredients, soap fell by the wayside, perceived as being too drying and harsh on the skin. Then there’s the mess. Who wants a mushy bar of melted goo on the side of the bath? And yet there’s something comforting about the cleansing power of soap. That’s why I decided to do something about it. First up, to give the soap extra moisturising properties, it’s enriched with lanolin. This is the gentle by-product that comes from wool. That way you can wash away the day without washing away precious moisture from your skin. Secondly the soap bar is wrapped in natural wool. With felted soap you get a gentle exfoliating rub as it lathers through the wool. Yet it all stays self-contained and near. Besides being a built-in flannel and a kinder way to buff your skin, wool is also naturally anti-bacterial, so germs and odours are given their marching orders! Also, if you have ever suffered from your soap behaving as if it was alive and escaping your grip at any given opportunity, you can now rest easy. Felted soap’s woollen wrap means you can hang on when the going gets slippery. About now, you’re probably thinking ‘so what happens when the soap inside shrinks?’ This is where it gets really clever because the wool felted to the soap. As the soap gets smaller, the wool shrinks around it until all you are eventually left with is a small completely biodegradable ball of woolly fluff. Whereas shower gel or liquid soap leaves you with a plastic bottle to recycle, little beau sheep soaps leave nothing behind.

Materials Description

Little Beau Sheep felted soaps are handmade in Yorkshire from 100% British wool as certified by British Wool. Our products display the "Shepherd's crook" to indicate that the wool can be traced back to British farms. This not only supports our local farming industry, but also minimises that air-miles involved in the production of this product. Wool is also renewable and biodegradable, the original sustainable eco-product. And, by celebrating the natural colour of the un-dyed wool, (which are quite diverse between British sheep breeds) we are not adding any unnecessary chemical processes to the production.

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Category: Ethical and Sustainable Gift

Felted soaps are enriched with lanolin and wrapped in 100% natural British wool. The wool acts as a soap saver and the soap lathers through it felting and shrinking with use, naturally exfoliating, antibacterial and biodegradable.
Herdwick Sheep RRP: £14.00
Shetland Sheep RRP: £14.00
Suffolk Sheep RRP: £14.00
Swaledale Sheep RRP: £14.50

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Product Dimensions

Width = 80mm

Depth = 45mm

Height = 50mm

4Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK