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School of Fish educates children through play on plastic usage and the need to care for our ocean. Five per cent of the wholesale price of each game goes to the Ocean Generation charity, whose aim is ‘to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the ocean’. New this spring/summer season are Snakes and Ladders and Go Fish and each of the five games in the collection are 100% plastic free, using a varnish finish rather than laminate, recyclable and FSC. Instantly recognisable, with bold and impactful hand drawn illustrations, these colourful games are perfect for toy stores, garden centres, lifestyle stores, gift shops or stores focusing on selling sustainable and eco-friendly products. The collection includes: 1 A classic game of dominoes with an under the sea twist. See how many fish you can match together - the first player to place all their Fishy Dominoes down is the winner. Suitable for age 3+, contains 28x dominoes, 1x instructions booklet & 1x Fishy Fact File. 2 A classic matching pairs game with an under the sea twist. Have fun pairing up the fish with their identical friend in this Fishy Pairs memory matching game. Suitable for age 3+, contains 36x memory cards, 1x instructions booklet & 1x Fishy Fact File. 3 Discover the magical world hiding under the sea with this 100-piece Fishy jigsaw puzzle based on an original in-house design. Featuring various fish species, starfish, seahorses and sharks. Suitable for age 5+, constructed puzzle size: 36cm x 49.5cm. 4 An under the sea alternative to the classic card game Go Fish, it’s a race to see who can collect the most fishy families. Suitable for age 3+, contains 40x fish cards, 1x instruction sheet & 1x Fishy Fact File. 5 Work your way around the Fishy snakes and ladders game board and explore the colourful sea creatures and plants you pass along the way. Suitable for age 3+, contains 1x game board, 1x dice and 4x wooden playing pieces, 1x instruction sheet & 1x Fishy Fact File, Each game includes a Fishy Fact File detailing some of the amazing fish in our oceans and what we can do to protect them.

Materials Description

FSC paper and card

Product Launched 01/09/2021

Category: Commemorative, Collectable and Charitable

Our School of Fish range of plastic free and recyclable kids games offers your customers an easy swim towards a greener future. In partnership with the educational charity Ocean Generation.
Fishy Dominoes RRP: £10.00
Fishy Pairs RRP: £12.00
Fishy Puzzle RRP: £12.00

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