WALKYTALKIES are fancy children's socks that you easily swop into a happy sock puppet.

You can wear WALKYTALKIES as a regular sock. But the real fun starts when you put them on your hand and stick your thumb in the heel. Now, you instantly created a cheerful sock puppet.
The idea is both simple and strong.
Let the adventures begin!

WALKYTALKIES love to re-use. Not only the sock, but also the label has an extra purpose.
Take out the WALKYTALKIES, put the cardboard label down and you have an instant background for your first WALKYTALKIES adventure.
Using the label is not only a way to re-use this package. The colorful illustration on it is a useful tool to get inspired for your first WALKYTALKIES-story. For both children ánd parents.

Before you even notice, you sail the seven seas, you fly through medieval times, you wander in a magic forest or you experience the city vibes.

The 16 vibrant models have a variety of sparkling colours. There's alway a sock friend that matches your personality.

Don't worry. You still have a sock buddy left to play amongst other toys.
And WALKYTALKIES are excellent to mix and match with each other.
The combinations are endless.
That's even more fun to wear!

WALKYTALKIES are available in 3 sizes:
6-8.5 (3-4 years).
9.5-11.5 (5-6 years).
12.5-14.5 (7-8 years).

Materials Description

70% cotton.
25% polyamide.
5% elasthan.

WALKYTALKIES are produced in Turkey under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label. All yarns are free of toxic substances.
WALKYTALKIES itself and also the labels are CE-certified.

Product Launched 01/06/2017

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Category: Children's, Educational and Pre-School

Let's start genuine playing again. Together with WALKYTALKIES Stimulate your imagination and experience awesome adventures with these cheerful sock buddies. Engage in genuine play with your kids.
RRP: £6.80

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Ms Nelleke van der Burg
Tel: +31 6 110 93 449
E: info@walkytalkies.nl

Product Dimensions

Width = 100mm

Depth = 30mm

Height = 210mm

16Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • WALKYTALKIES are fancy children's socks and happy sockpuppets in one. They ‘WALK’ and they ‘TALK’: WALKYTALKIES. Fabricated as a sock, but when you put your thumb in the heel, you instantly have a cheerful sock puppet.