The Plantable Children's Book


Willsow books are the first of their kind. Never have you had the opportunity to read an incredible story, and plant the pages to meet the main character. Yes, that's right, each book contains roughly 500 non-GMO seeds which are embedded into the cover pages. It’s such an exciting way for children to learn about food sourcing and sustainability while getting some fresh air in the garden and planting their pages! We’re helping the wellbeing of so many children by giving them a great way to get outside in the fresh air. It's an innovative concept that teaches children about their natural environment in a fun and engaging way.

The books are completely plantable and biodegradable, as they are made entirely of post-consumer recycled wastepaper. Instead of metal staples and toxic glues, we stitch the books with 100% natural cotton, even the seeds we use are all non-GMO, which means the herbs and vegetables will grow into all shapes and sizes – our readers find this so satisfying! Amazingly, the inks we use are vegetable-based and eco-biodegradable, resulting in lower VOCs and are far more environmentally friendly to petroleum-based alternatives. Our inner pages are part of a Carbon Capture scheme, where we pay a premium for the Woodlands Trust to plant new forest throughout the UK.

Key features of the Willsow range:

- Made from 100% post-consumer recycled wastepaper
- Printed with vegetable-based inks
- Stitched with natural cotton
- Part of the Carbon Capture Scheme
- 500 non-GMO seeds
- Fully biodegradable

We innovatively combine our environmental focus (zero-waste business) with community by collecting all of our seeded book offcuts, and donating them within the local community to; schools, retirement homes, and children's hospices – this means they can grow an endless amount of herbs and vegetables and have a fun activity to spend time outside in the natural environment.

Willsow is also really proud of its heritage, our books are 'Made in Britain' at our family printing firm, based in Leicester and has been in operation for 77 years!

We're not going to stop there either. As well as continually creating new stories, we will be adding new and exciting products to the Willsow offering, including the UK’s only made gardening tool set for kids! We want to be a one-stop shop for children's gardening and outdoor activities by joining the gift and gardening industry together. We're on a mission to educate our future generations on all things sustainable.

Materials Description

- 100% post-consumer recycled wastepaper
- Vegetable based inks
- Natural cotton
- Non-GMO seeds

Product Launched 01/11/2019

Category: Children's, Educational and Pre-School

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The world's first plantable children's book; kid's can read the story and plant the pages to meet the main character! A truly unique concept designed to teach children about sustainability and get them off technology to enjoy the great outdoors.
RRP: £9.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 135mm

Depth = 4mm

Height = 185mm

5Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • FSDU and CDU

Designed in the UK