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Inspired by the idea that there is no magical place for our rubbish to go, 'Away' explores the impact waste has on our natural world.

In a bid to plant the seeds for our next generation of eco-warriors, the book aims to act as a learning tool for young readers, aged 3-7, to introduce themes of sustainability, recycling and reducing single use plastic.

Anna Stead's enchanting illustrations capture the essence of the story's message. With the words written by Dani Seatter that seem to dance across the page, the book will no doubt capture hearts of readers young and old.

Available with the book are resource packs for teachers - or parents and carers - to extend the learning and discussion of young readers about the natural world. The activity packs have been designed to not only be fun and interactive, but to extend the learning and creativity of readers outside of the book's pages. Packs include a combination of downloadable and printable resources that can be undertaken as a family or in an educational setting. Also available is free access to the storytelling video for use by families and early years professionals as an educational tool to support the book.

Materials Description

Inline with our ethos of sustainability, great care and effort has been taken to ensure the book is eco through and through; made with fully certified 100% carbon balanced paper and eco friendly inks.

The books are not laminated to ensure no necessary plastic was used in their production. In addition, the hardbacks are stitch bound, and vegan glue was used where needed on the paperbacks.

Product Launched 01/09/2021

Category: Children's, Educational and Pre-School

'Away' is a gently written, illustrated eco story book for young readers which explores the impact of waste on the natural world. Join the curious woodland creatures as they happen upon a mysterious ‘something’ that does not belong in the woodland.
Hardback book RRP: £16.99
Paperback book RRP: £8.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 300mm

Depth = 7mm

Height = 235mm

2Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • The book is sold individually, though a second book in the series is soon to follow. There are accompanying resource and activity packs to support the learning and discussion of our young readers.

Designed in the UK