The Veggie Roast Dinner Box

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This gift box is the perfect gifting idea to give to a veggie or someone looking to create a healthier roast dinner. Our roast range is intended to uplift the traditional Sunday roast with some amazing flavours and this gift box now allows veggies to also enjoy a delicious vegetarian roast dinner.

When undertaking research into what sort of roast dinner products were out there, we discovered a gap in the market for excellent quality vegetarian products. So voila... we have created the ultimate gift box that includes 4 products to uplift your veggie roast dinner.

The gift box includes our award-winning Roast Potato Oil, to create the best roast potatoes and 3 different veggie rubs to season whatever selection of vegetables your desire. Veggie Rub no. 1 is a fragrant blend of tandoori spices which goes perfectly over root vegetables. Veggie Rub no. 2 is a fragrant Umami seasoning that goes well over the Yorkshire puddings or mixed into stuffing. Finally, we have Veggie Rub no. 5, which is a sweet, smoky & spicy rub that is amazing on any meat substitute.

Materials Description

cardboard, paper sleeve and glass

Product Launched 20/09/2019

Category: Food & Drink

Do you know a veggie that absolutely loves a roast dinner? Our Veggie Roast Dinner Box contains 4 'foodie' products that helps create the ultimate veggie roast dinner!
RRP: £21.00

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Product Dimensions

Width = 280mm

Depth = 100mm

Height = 160mm

1Piece in the range

POS Available:

  • Digital POS

Designed in the UK