The Homemade Bacon Sandwich Kit

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The Homemade Bacon Sandwich Kit is the perfect gift for anyone who truly loves a good, quality bacon sandwich. The kit includes our new Homemade Bacon Curing Tube...Smoky which allows you to cure your own bacon in the comfort of your own home.

The key to a good bacon sandwich in our opinion is quality bacon so the curing tube allows you to cure the bacon yourself. The curing process draws out the moisture of the bacon, so you don't get the watery liquid that appears with store bought sliced bacon. Without the watery texture , you get a really tasty and smoky flavoured piece of bacon, which you then slice and add to your sandwich.

Whether you are a ketchup or brown sauce lover, this kit includes both our own Smoky Tomato Ketchup and Spicy Brown Sauce. We have selected the Smoky flavoured cure for the curing tube in this kit as it works perfectly for a bacon sandwich. The smoky flavour fits perfectly with the ketchup or brown sauce and creates the ultimate bacon sandwich.

The inspiration for this Kit , derives from the the Great British love of bacon and wanting to create a unique gift that will give the recipient an experience, rather than just a gift.

The Homemade Bacon Curing Tube contains a 60g curing mix jar, muslin, a butcher's hook and an easy-to-follow instructions booklet. It's never been easier to create an amazing home-cured bacon sandwich from the comfort of your own home.

Materials Description

Cardboard, paper sleeve, glass jar, metal hook, cloth, and 2x glass bottles

Product Launched 28/02/2021

Category: Food & Drink

Who loves a quality bacon sandwich?! If that's a yes, then this Kit is for you... Includes our Homemade Bacon Curing Tube...Smoky that allows you to cure the bacon, which is the key! And you can't go without a choice of Ketchup or brown sauce.
RRP: £35.00

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Product Dimensions

Width = 280mm

Depth = 380mm

Height = 90mm

1Piece in the range

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Designed in the UK