Source: 3 Bottle Mix 'n' Match Gift Pack

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We’ve been working hard to build an exciting range of vegan dipping sauces, hot sauces and rubs under our sub-brand Source. Each unique Source flavour has a story behind it, developed with a favourite meal, guilty pleasure or fond foodie memory in mind!

You can currently choose from: 

The Naga Saga: fiery chillies and our own secret blend of freshly toasted spices combine to create a dipping sauce that is rich, sweet and spicy, with a chilli heat that slowly develops. Keep it in your fridge for a quick curry spice fix! 

Pickled Onion Ketchup: sweet, tangy, dippable deliciousness. We've never tried anything like it and we bet you won't have, either! Total game changer, get it on your chips immediately!

Chilli Mint Tingler: one of our best sellers. A tongue tingling, sweet chilli dipping sauce with delicious minty acidity. Perfect on kebabs, wraps and falafel. Every batch of Chilli Mint Tingler is knocked up using only the freshest, tastiest chillis to create an incredibly more-ish, well-rounded flavour.

Tamarind Tingler:
Similar in profile to our Chilli Mint Tingler, a delicious sweet, sour and hot chilli dipping sauce. Perfect with samosa and falafel.

Pineapple Jerk Pickle: Packed with sweet, juicy pineapple, chilli heat and a rich earthy blend of herbs and spices, our jerk-style dipping sauce is perfect with Caribbean food, BBQ, chips, wraps and basically anything else you’d like to throw it at.

Tommy K: The Original Source! Tommy K is sweet, complex and herby and is delicious on pretty much everything. It’s also amazing as an ingredient in Italian red sauces, rice dishes and casseroles.

Sweet BBQ Brown: Sweet BBQ Brown is treacly, sweet and fruity,  pairing perfectly with bbq, sausage sandwiches & chips. Mmm. The depth of flavour and light, fragrant spice means it also works beautifully as an ingredient in marinades and sticky bbq sauces. It’s been said more than once: this is a brown sauce for people who don't like brown sauce!!

Every single one of our delicious, handmade sauces is created using the finest, freshest natural ingredients. Then, they’re simmered low and slow in small batches, to create layers of lip-smacking flavour.

We think you’ll agree, it’s really #notyourcommonketchup

Materials Description

We're all passionate about making and eating great quality, amazing tasting food. Which is why every single one of our delicious sauces is created using only the best and freshest natural ingredients that we can find. We don't use artificial flavours or colours, and we use tried and tested, authentic recipes and techniques to keep our sauces naturally preserved and good to eat.

Product Launched 16/11/2020

Category: Food & Drink

The Source 3 Bottle Mix ’n’ Match Gift Pack. Choose your favourite three chunky 290g bottles of deliciously unique, vegan, small batch sauce and we’ll pack them up in one of our posh gift boxes and ship them anywhere you like.
RRP: £18.50

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Stacey Foster
Epicuriosity Ltd
Tel: 07865942328

Product Dimensions

Width = 190mm

Depth = 65mm

Height = 140mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK