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Hot Smoked

Bring hot smoke flavours to your BBQ with this hot smoking starter kit. Contains all you need to master cooking with wood smoke on a BBQ or smoker, charcoal or gas. The kit includes Whisky Barrel Oak Chips, made from Scottish barrels steeped in whisky aged for up to 30 years, aromatic Pear chips from managed European orchards and a hot and spicy Piri Piri rub with African Birds Eye Chillis. Included is our Hot Smoked stainless steel smoker box and a four page leaflet with tips, techniques and a selection of hot smoking recipes including meat, vegetable and dessert options as starting points, though you can hot smoke most types of food. Recipes include a Classic BBQ Sharing Platter, Smoked Spicy Cauliflower Steaks with a smoked beetroot hummus and Sticky Smoky Fig, Plum and Pistachios.
The smoker box can be used again and again and will become an indispensible part of any outdoor cooking routine. A wonderful gift for the adventurous foodie and if you love to BBQ, a fantastic way to add an extra flavour dimension to your cooking.
How to use:
Select a wood flavour to suit the food you are cooking and place a large handful of chips into the smoker box. Sprinkle the rub onto meats, fish or vegetables and allow to season. Light your BBQ and aim for a medium heat as cooking slowly will give you the best results. Place the smoker box on the heat source. As it heats up the wood chips begin to smoulder releasing their smoky flavours. Cover and cook gently. Once removed from the BBQ allow to settle before tucking in!

Materials Description

Our stainless steel box is a roomy 23 x 10 x 4cm, made of a robust brushed solid stainless steel with the Hot Smoked logo etched into the lid to allow smoke flavour to escape. It can be reused time and again.
The wood smoking chips are produced specifically for food use and sourced from managed sustainable resources. The Whisky Barrel Oak is made from oak casks used to age Scottish Whisky for up to 30 years after which they are replaced. The Pear chips are from managed orchards in Europe. They are supplied in 200g weights in recyclable cellophane bags.
Our Piri Piri spice rub blends African Birds Eye chillis with cayenne, garlic, basil and salt creating a sophisticated spicy heat perfect for adding a tasty kick to a wide range of foods.
The kit is packed into a recycled kraft gift box with our 'Bring Your BBQ to Life' graphic.

Product Launched 09/11/2020

Category: Food & Drink

Highly Commended
This hot smoking starter kit is bursting with Whisky Barrel, Pear and Piri Piri smoke and spice flavours with recipe suggestions. Use with the stainless steel smoker box supplied on a regular BBQ or smoker for stunning smoky results.
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Product Dimensions

Width = 240mm

Depth = 240mm

Height = 5mm

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