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A fabulous range of subject-themed educational board games namely Maths, English and World (Science and History titles are in the pipeline). Players move around the board, answering multiple choice questions with 3 levels of difficulty, trying to avoid the minefield of spaces that demand that you miss a turn, go back 5 spaces, do a forfeit etc. Play ends when the first player crosses the finish line. Scores are added up and the person with the highest score wins. Anyone who gets from start to finish and scores more than 15 points can add a Genius sticker (included in the games) to their Passport (also included in the games for children to personalise by adding a photo or drawing their own picture). As few people are natural geniuses, it may take a few games to score 15 points. The more children play Passport to Genius, the more they learn! To help, parents can download Learning Aids from Whiz Kid Games' website to refresh their children's knowledge of the subjects. Each passport has room for 4 stickers which encourages children to move on to another title in the range once they have mastered one title.
There are icons - clearly showing that the games are suitable for Ages 7 plus, can be played by 2-4 players and that they are "Teachers' choice" - on the front and back of the box.
On the back of the box, as well as listing contents and making consumers aware of the Learning Aids, there are images showing the board, sample questions, the passport and stickers and a lifestyle shot of a family playing the game.
As well as being entertaining and educational, these games are responsibly made with sustainable and recyclable materials. Icons - clearly showing that the game is "FSC", "Eco friendly" and "100% recyclable" and - are on the box front and back.

Materials Description

As well as having a mission to bring people together to play and learn, Whiz Kid Games is environmentally-focused. We manufacture in Europe not only to avoid the damage of long distance travel on the environment but because our partner there prices itself on its green credentials using 100% renewable energy to power its plants. The games are printed on FSC paper, playing pieces and dice are made of wood from local, sustainable forests and colours and coatings are all water-based and non toxic. Everything we make is 100% recyclable.

Product Launched 06/01/2021

Category: Children's, Educational and Pre-School

Category Winner
A range of environmentally-friendly, educational games that are great fun to play and a great way to learn. Aimed at children aged 7 plus, these have been designed - with teachers input - to support key stage 1 and 2 school work.
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Product Dimensions

Width = 230mm

Depth = 230mm

Height = 40mm

3Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK