History Heroes: Medicine Makers Jigsaw

History Heroes

This is not just a jigsaw. It's a jigsaw, book and cartoon combined. It takes the puzzlers on a fantastic journey of knowledge and entertainment as well as being able to piece together a beautifully illustrated jigsaw. It ties in with History Heroes' card games - reinforcing and introducing players of all ages to new and fascinating, joined-up knowledge in bite-sized chunks. It encourages discussion and players can zero in on any of the facts and events in the puzzle to be inspired to learn more:

Piece together History Heroes' MEDICINE MAKERS puzzle and the journey from 1756 when medicine was still based on guesswork and superstition and Joseph Fry sold chocolate as a tonic from his apothecary. Packed with facts, the jigsaw leads you to 1953 when Franklin, Crick and Watson determined the double-helix structure of DNA.

Meet 14 highlighted History Heroes along the way, such as Edward Jenner, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, Louis Pasteur, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming and Rosalind Franklin, who shaped and changed our knowledge of medicine and health together with some of the major global, scientific and technological events that helped shape that journey too. The jigsaw timeline is in the shape of the double-helix and underscores the significance to us all of understanding the developments in medicine, science and technology, ever more so today.

500 pieces
Size: 48cm x 35cm (19″ x 13″)
Made in the UK
Made from 100% Recycled and Sustainable Cardboard

A fantastic, fun way for all ages to sit together, piece together a wittily and beautifully illustrated puzzle and discover more about our world along the way.

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Materials Description

100% recycled cardboard from sustainable sources

Product Launched 24/09/2020

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Category: Children's, Educational and Pre-School

Meet some of the amazing characters and events that have shaped the world of science and medicine in History Heroes’ new 500 piece jigsaw, timeline puzzle in the fast changing 200 years up to the discovery of DNA's structure in 1953. Made in the UK
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Product Dimensions

Width = 480mm

Depth = 350mm

Height = 5mm

500Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK