Earth & Sky Collection

St. Eval

Inspired by the peaceful, grounding and balancing elements of earth and sky. Discover delightful fragrances displayed in rustic and earthy sand finished pots, with soft natural tones to perfectly complement the home. This collection is home to three popular St. Eval fragrances. Bay & Rosemary: Unique blend of invigorating herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf Bergamot & Nettle: An uplifting herbal aroma with hints of citrus Tranquillity: A calming and relaxing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang Each candle is hand-poured on our farm in North Cornwall using traditional methods and sustainable production and boasts a fantastic burn time of up to 20 hours.

Materials Description

Our wax is a unique blend of both mineral and vegetable waxes. The mineral wax is from naturally occurring paraffin derived from crude oil which contains the organic wax of plants from millions of years ago and simply separated from the oil and cleaned. In our experience, we have found that our wax blend delivers superior quality for a stable, consistent burn. All our candles are tested to the highest UK safety standard in our science lab to ensure they have an excellent fragrance throw, stability and beautiful appearance. Each candle also comes with a 100% recyclable paper top disc, detailing the fragrance and burn time.

Product Launched 01/01/2020

Category: Home Fragrance

Inspired by the peaceful, grounding and balancing elements of earth and sky.
Bay & Rosemary, Taupe RRP: £11.45
Bergamot Nettle, Orange RRP: £11.45
Tranquillity, Blue RRP: £11.45

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Sara-Jayne Crowle
St. Eval
Tel: 01841 540850

Product Dimensions

Width = 72mm

Depth = n/a

Height = 71mm

3Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK